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Welcome to Jenny Clarke Design please note our new number 01509 264110

Spring 2016 - We're now up and running with all our new sets available. It's a great range and we're getting a really good response already! There are presently 19 new sets, 6 sketch books with a few more sets to be added in the next few weeks.
It's great to hear how busy our customers have been - time and again we hear how having a good offering of designs in their studios brings clients in and really helps to engage and communicate, even if the appointment ends up being a more customised piece.
Of course, having a great range of "ready to go" designs is often essential for the economic reality of keeping a studio afloat - having a good turnover of happy clients who choose from our range can afford the tattooist the time for the sort of custom work that is very worthwhile, but won't pay the rent.
All our sets can be ordered and paid for on this website.                                                                                                     For orders of four or more sets- just call UK 01509 264110 for a price or email info@jennyclarkedesign.com
Shop visits are going brilliantly - if you're on our UK mailing list we'll be in touch when we're going to be in your area. If you're a new studio, or want to be sure we visit you, give us a ring or email info@jennyclarkedesign.com with your shop details.
Thanks so much for the great welcome we've received at so many studios - we really appreciate you taking time out from your busy day to look through the sets - and then leaving you happy with a new selection of beautiful artwork for your walls!
We're having a break from conventions again this year - the best way to see all our sets, and particularly the sets new this year, is for Tim to visit your studio.
So hope we see you in 2016, and best wishes for a busy Spring!