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Our trading name is Jenny Clarke Design. We supply original high quality tattoo designs and artwork to studios worldwide. We are the flash supply company of first choice in the UK. Our aim is to raise the standards and quality of the flash supply and distribution market.


Jenny Clarke has been working in the tattoo world for sixteen years. Her designs have won awards for her and the artists who tattoo them. Jenny's illustrated fiction, articles and interviews appear regularly in leading tattoo magazines.


All our prices on this website are for shipping within the UK.

Customers from Europe and the USA should contact us for prices which are competitive for the market in your country and in your own currency. Go to our "How to Order" page and send us an e-mail telling us what you are interested in.

Postage is extra on all orders shipped outside the UK

Payment - We accept cash, cheque, most debit and credit cards. You can also pay by paypal, but add 5% to any order total to cover their charges to us.

Overseas orders - We are able to accept Euro cheques or dollar cheques as well as major debit or credit cards. We also accept paypal - add 5% to any order value.


All copyright, design rights and intellectual property rights existing in our designs and in the images, text and design of this website are and will remain the property of Jenny Clarke and Jenny Clarke Design Limted. Any infringement of these rights will be pursued vigorously.

It is company policy to follow up ALL reported breaches of our copyright and we will commence either civil or criminal action against anyone wilfully infringing our rights, however small their gain. THIS INCLUDES ANYONE DOWNLOADING MATERIAL FROM OUR SITE, OR USING PRINT SCREEN TO TAKE AN IMAGE ILLEGALLY FROM OUR SITE.

Authorised suppliers:

Legal copies of the designs shown on this website can only be obtained from the sources listed below. Any design sheets or copies thereof stored on or transferred by electronic media obtained from any other source are illegal. If you become aware that you hold, or if you should be offered, or if you should inadvertently acquire illegal copies of our designs, please inform us forthwith. Failure to do so leaves you open to prosecution. We offer fully licensed replacement sets in return for information about the supplier of the illegal copies and we offer valuable rewards for information leading to the prosecution of any person or organisation who illegally distributes our designs.

In the UK, ONLY JENNY CLARKE DESIGN is able to supply legal copies, except that Al Pachanka retains his right to sell his designs in the UK, Any copies of the Ruth of Eternal sets shown on this website (sets 18, 35, 55 and 57) ordered from Ruth are supplied by ourselves.

Jenny Clarke Design has worldwide distribution rights for all the designs shown on this website except the WOW tattoo designs where we are unable to sell in the USA.

USA, Canada and South America – Bullseye and Liquid Skin