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B314 Sketch Book - 53 pages - Alex Rodriguez 4


Set no: #Book 314
Artist: Alex Rodriguez
Sheets: x10 (A3 120gsm)
Price: £40.00 (inc vat)
Laminating: £15 (inc vat)
Has Line Drawings: No

About this set

53 pages of fabulous modern reworking of traditional style tattoo designs in strong outline style, about half with full shading. A4 wire bound, plastic front cover reference sketch book on heavy quality paper. Ten example pages shown here. Great variety of popular current themes: strong eagles, hearts, owls, razors, hands, axes, daggers, jelly fish, balloon, drinking, smoking, great birds with attitude..... and more! A really useful collection in a fantastic style which can be used directly or customised to suit********** Any four of Alex's books for £140, or 6 for £200 (plus p+p) - ring 01509 264110 to order.


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