Flash Tattoo - Jenny Clarke

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Colourful Small


Set no: #332
Artist: James Monnery
Sheets: x7 (A3 120gsm)
Price: £65.00 (inc vat)
Laminating: £15 (inc vat)
Has Line Drawings: Yes

About this set

A really useful range of small colourful designs - the ever popular flowing ornaments for wrists and ankles, cute pretty little animals and flowers, geometric pieces and Origami designs which are really popular at the moment. *************** Also available in a plastic cover A4 wire bound book version - see Book 332. *********** ****************************************************************************** Special Offer: Any 4 sets or set books for only £240 including UK p&p. Ring our new number 01509 264110 for special offers, larger quantities or any queries.


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