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Killer Tattoo Art Volume 1


Set no: #Book 272
Artist: Ken Patten
Sheets: x5 (A3 120gsm)
Price: £70.00 (inc vat)
Laminating: £15 (inc vat)
Has Line Drawings: Yes

About this set

Killer hardcover book size 21 x 29 cm on quality paper and rich printing, with a great variety of topics. Approx 48 full page original colour designs with line drawings: pinups, zombies, oriental and more. Approx 21 black and grey pencil drawings from the horror genre - famous characters and scenarios (no lines). 51 assorted sketches, very varied topics, some as lines, many coloured up. Step by step guide to Ken's amazing full colour drawing process and a short gallery of some of Ken's amazing tattoo work. £70 including vat and P&P.


Sheet no. 1

Sheet no. 2

Sheet no. 3

Sheet no. 4

Sheet no. 5