Flash Tattoo - Jenny Clarke

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Thai, Blue Border


Set no: #163
Artist: Kheaw Ubon
Sheets: x7 (A3 120gsm)
Price: £65.00 (inc vat)
Laminating: £15 (inc vat)
Has Line Drawings: Yes

About this set

Stunning new artwork from Thailand. Each sheet has a reduced full colour backpiece easily adaptable for elsewhere, featuring dynamic images of demons and gods including Naga, the serpent deity and Hanuman the monkey god, also pencil studies of heads of Yaksha, the demon guardians as seen on temples etc. Any 4 sets for just £260 (Set 54 is £20 extra) Bigger orders – see ‘Special Offers'


Sheet no. 1

Sheet no. 2

Sheet no. 3

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Sheet no. 7