Artist Submissions

We are always very interested in new work, and welcome submissions of designs, or ideas for sets, books and sketchbooks.

If your work is something new, different or in an original style that’s brilliant, but popular, current or longstanding themes are also very welcomed if they are well executed.

If you have already had a book of your work printed, we’d also be very interested in seeing that, with a view to becoming distributers if suitable.

You don’t have to be a tattooist:- we have work from artists in several different fields. The work does of course have to be suitable for tattooing, if you’re not sure, show us some examples, we can often give guidance on how work can be adapted to suit.

Submission Guidelines

  • Please include a brief description of your art (or tattoo) background
  • email with some examples of your work 
  • or email links to your social media, website etc to see your work
  • or post some copies to the address on our contact page – please do NOT send originals as due to volume, your copies will not be returned. Please include your contact details. Regrettably, we cannot accommodate visitors to our business address at any time.

You don’t have to have created sheets or sets – individual designs are fine, as we usually create the sheets and sets for our artists. If you have already done so, then that’s great, we’d be delighted to see examples of finished sheets.

Don’t worry too much about the presentation of your work – it’s the quality of the actual drawings we’re interested in, not an exam-type exercise.

If your work is suitable, we will give you full details of how to proceed and if appropriate, guidance on how to compose the body of work for a set. We never use any work in any way until both parties have signed a contract, which would be for either quarterly royalty payments on any sales, or for outright purchase of exclusive rights, depending on the nature of the work.

Finally, an apology in advance: at times we are very busy with incoming work and it may take a while to give your submission full attention, so please bear with us until we can email you.