New blog and Thank you

Posted by Jenny Clarke on

I’d like to kick off this fresh new blog, on our lovely new website by saying thank you.

Thank you to all our customers, clients, and friends, who’ve supported us, cheered us on and had a good laugh with us over the years.

We’re blessed with customers all round the world, so:

If you’re a tattooist, a tattooer or a tattoo artist, whether you name your place a studio or shop, a parlour or a parlor and whether you call it artwork, tattoo designs or tattoo flash,

If you’ve bought one set, or you’re one of those wonderful people (with great taste) who every year buy every single set and book we produce

If you’re an art collector or just a tattoo fan:

Thank you.

We appreciate you, we appreciate your custom, and we love hearing how our artwork has worked for you, inspired you, decorated your walls, books or racks, brought people into your studios and not least helped you to earn a crust. 

Thank you to all our artists, collaborators, colleagues and friends who have drawn, painted and sketched, sent us their amazing artwork in every form from scraps of carbon stained paper, with the familiar smell of studio antiseptic, to lush hard bound books.

It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to work with so many talented people along the way to being the artists and tattooists you are today.

Thank you all, for sticking with us, and we hope you’ll take a look at, and get involved with all the exciting new things we’ll be coming up with in the next few months.


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